Global Leader In
Total Plant Design (TPD™)

40+ Years Experience

DGA GLOBAL is renowned for designing, developing and constructing a wide range of combustion equipment, boilers and biomass power plants across the globe and is regarded as an authority on high-efficiency, eco-friendly energy generation systems.

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International Partners

DGA GLOBAL has formed a community of leading edge energy technology providers which contribute to their projects based on their individual requirements. This unique collaboration ensures that every DGA GLOBAL solution includes world-best innovation.

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Who we are

David Gardner - DGA GLOBAL Founder

Gardner Founder - DGA GLOBAL

David Hall  - Head, Australian Operations

Hall Head - Australian Operations

Worldwide Experience

DGA GLOBAL's portfolio includes small and large-scale oil, gas, coal, steam, biomass and waste fired projects throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

End-To-End Solution

DGA GLOBAL manages every phase of the project: stakeholders and suppliers, plant design, manufacturing of specialist equipment, construction, control systems, fuel storage, test firing and commissioning. We call this Total Plant Design™.

Industry Expert

DGA GLOBAL was founded by, David Gardner, a world renowned energy technology engineer with international experience. He has been at the forefront of oil, gas, steam and solid fuel combustion for power plants for over 30 years.

Onshore Collaboration

DGA GLOBAL partners with onshore companies in the host country of each project. They provide the complementary construction and engineering-procurement- construction (EPC) services.


With a comprehensive understanding of all best-of-breed power generation technologies and extensive global resources, DGA GLOBAL has the capabilities to create bespoke solutions to suit every thermal energy requirement.

Why you should work with DGA GLOBAL


We pioneered the highly efficient DGA Vibrating Grate System (VGS), DGA Secondary Air System and DGA Modular Bag Filter, and deliver superior performance in biomass and EfW/WtE plants.

Rankine Cycle Connection

DGA GLOBAL offers alternative clean energy solutions which have been proven over the past century - steam power generation and energy from thermal oil heaters based on the Rankine Cycle.

Proven & Sustainable

We specialise in proven and sustainable energy production processes: Energy from Waste (EfW) - or Waste to Energy (WtE) - using refused derived fuel (RDF) or biomass, eco biomass plants which accept a wide variety of fuel types, WtE heaters, oil-gas-steam boilers and BFB plants.

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