Total Plant Design -
Unique End To End Solution

DGA GLOBAL delivers an unrivalled service from plant design and development to equipment manufacturing, construction, control systems, fuel storage, test firing, commissioning, maintenance and project management. One team responsible for every phase of your project.

Global Alliances

DGA GLOBAL has formed a community of world leaders in renewable energy generation enabling us to include our combined expertise into each project.

Onshore Partners

DGA GLOBAL partners with onshore companies in the host country of each project for them to provide construction and EPC services.


Cost Efficient Eco-Friendly
Energy Solutions

Enhanced technology (VGS, SAS, BBF) developed by DGA to enhance the performance of biomass and waste-fed plants has resulted in even greater financial outcomes.

Power Plant Design

We engineer and develop complete Eco biomass, Eco waste and Eco steam plants.


The Vibrating Grate System (VGS™) is just one of our revolutionary developments.

Equipment Design

We have design and manufacturing capabilities to produce custom components.

Boiler Design

Gas fired, steam, biomass and waste. For energy plants, industry and maritime applications.

Plant Modification

Technology upgrades, supply of specialist equipment and plant extensions.

Rankine Cycle

Centuries old technology still very relevant today: energy production via steam and thermal oil heating.

The Australian Connection

DGA GLOBAL was based in Australia for several years and involved in eco-friendly projects. He continues to provide a range of services to Australian companies (Gosfern (now part of Aalborg), Benedict Industries and is actively engaged in bidding for local EfW/WtE projects.

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