Our Legacy: David Gardner

Energy Engineering Excellence

David Gardner's engineering career began in the United Kingdom with a Fuel Technology masters degree. He became a Chartered Engineer in the early Eighties, at the same time becoming a member of the British Energy Institute.

David's initial engagement with large-scale energy production projects began with oil and gas burner development and power station conversions for Vosper Thornycroft. Customers included Michelin Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, British Sugar and the British utility CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board). This led to a collaboration with Brish Coal's Coal Research Establishment for the development of new technology for fluidised bed combustion of coal and constructing industrial fluid bed boilers with British Coal. David's expertise in fluidised bed combustion led to him being regarded as an international expert in this field.

The next step was the launching of his own company offering engineering as well as engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) services to the international energy community. This enterprise became a financial interest to Australian billionaire Kerry Packer and it was acquired by his corporation, Consolidated Press. David became the Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated Environmental Engineering which designed and built waste to energy (WtE) plants throughout Europe and Canada. Their biggest project was the 30 MWe WtE plant at Valdemingomez, Spain.

David relocated to Australia where he ran the environmental division of ANI (Australian National Industries, also a division of Consolidated Press) and was involved in designing and constructing a waste management plant, as well as a scheduled waste plant for an offshore client in Asia. The most enthusiastic nation in South East Asia for embracing biomass power plant technology is Thailand and that is where David moved to in 2000, the year that DGA GLOBAL began operations.

Since then, DGA GLOBAL has developed the concept of standardised Biomass and Waste fired power plants which have since become their major product. These are available in sizes capable of producing between 1.5 MWe to 12 MWe. The Range is designated the Eco Plants and are steam cycle power plants fired by various solid fuel combustion systems, including bubbling fluidised bed (BFB), Vee grate and Bonfire grate boilers. Eco plants are being installed in Asia and UK with different partners. DGA GLOBAL continues to market, develop and install specialist industrial boilers, maritime boilers and biomass plants – particularly in rural regions of Thailand.

Unrivalled Capabilities & Support

Our 'growing family' features some of the most esteemed names in global energy production technology including:

CTB Corner Tube boiler designer – DGA GLOBAL is a licensee and authorised to design and construct boilers to their patents.

Luehr Air Pollution Control Technology (Australia and subsidiary of Luehr GmbH) – Boiler Gas Cleaning Technology.

Credfeld Ltd (UK) – oil and gas burner technology.

Each year, as DGA GLOBAL's influence spreads further across the globe, we are inviting new partners to join this technology group.

Trusted by customers worldwide

National Power Supply Public Co., Ltd. utilized the services DGA GLOBAL Co. as an expert witness in our proceedings in a dispute with the Kvaerner company over the performance of the 2 x 200 ton/h BFB fired steam boilers that were found to be deficient by an international arbitration held in the Singapore courts in 2004. Following the successful conclusions of the action NPS adopted a solution, provided by DGA GLOBAL in company with CTB - Corner Tube of Germany, for improving one of the boilers, PP4 located at Chachoengsao.

The PP4 solution radically changed the boiler and BFB combustion system design and allowed the boiler to operate reliably, efficiently and safely with much improved availability. In fact the boiler became the best boiler in terms of the improved performance, and has continued to perform satisfactorily over the past 9 years. Subsequently NPS have decided to take the PP5 boiler out of semi retirement and re-energise it with the same modifications that DGA GLOBAL produced for the PP4 boiler. It will also be improved further under the direction of DGA GLOBAL to allow bark to be fired as a major fuel. NPS continues to engage DGA GLOBAL on a consulting basis on various boiler and power plant projects and particularly for their expertise on fluidized bed combustion and waste firing in general. I do believe that DGA Global truly deserve to be congratulated and appreciated for providing customer service and support well beyond the expectations of NPS.

National Power Supply Public Co., Ltd. (NPS)

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